Creative front-end developer

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Creative front-end developer

At Kiss the Frog we're looking for a creative front-end developer to expand our team. 

Full-time · Delft

About the position

To expand our team, we are looking for a creative junior front-end developer. We are looking for someone who feels at home in Angular, HTML and CSS and who dares to work together and learn from an experienced team of developers.

This is Kiss the Frog

Kiss the Frog designs and develops digital, interactive productions that give visitors an unforgettable experience. We work worldwide for the most beautiful museums and coolest experiences

  • We are frogs

    A team with diverse strengths, we stand behind what we deliver and who we are. We are experts in every part of our professional field. Amongst ourselves, we understand the worth of different skills and know who to ask for what. To the outside, we are united but approachable.

  • We are storytellers

    We know our audience inside out and tell every story in a way that inspires them. We take the time to really get under the skin of every project and understand the subject thoroughly, so that everyone feels amazed and wonderstruck by the end result. 

  • We are enchanters

    We have the privilege to work our magic in every new project. Every subject, every story, everything and everyone, however mundane it might seem at first glance…. we can transform into something unexpected and magnificent.

  • We are adventurers

    Fearless and full of curiosity we step into new terrain and explore the latest developments.

    When a new adventure presents itself we jump right in. Adventures aren’t without risks, but we can handle a few knocks. We’ll only stop trying when we’ve made it to the end.

Who we're looking for 

We are looking for someone who can develop interactive, digital experiences for museums and attractions based on modern web technology. Your products run as an application on a Windows desktop, but often also on a tablet, mobile phone or digiboard in the classroom. You are curious and you follow developments in web tech with passion. You want to apply your digital skills in a creative way. We don't build websites. You find it important to contribute to unique and meaningful projects.

What we ask 

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree working and thinking level.

  • Experience in creating applications in Angular.

  • Experience with Typescript, Node, Electron.

  • You can work quickly and purposefully.

  • You have an eye for detail and a perfect end result.

  • You are a team player.

  • You have a good command of the Dutch and English language.

What we offer

We offer flexible working hours, a pleasant working atmosphere, friendly colleagues and of course great projects for great customers. We are looking for someone for 40 hours a week, but 32 hours is negotiable. Kiss the Frog is located in Delft.

We are looking for a developer who will be able and willing to be physically present in our office in Delft for at least three days a week.

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